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About Auto Paradise of Texas

About Us: 


Hours are by appointment only. Due to our dealership being low pressure, we do not have sales staff and all of our vehicles are stored inside a temperature controlled warehouse. In most cases we can show vehicles within an hour’s notice Monday thru Saturday and within a 24-hour notice on any given Sunday. Feel free to contact us by phone or email to schedule an appointment to look at any vehicle that we have in inventory. We tend to have a flexible schedule and do our best to work with times that are most convenient for you!


We offer a best price guarantee and we do not inflate our prices. We promise to offer the lowest priced comparable vehicle within a 200-mile radius. We believe in MARKET VALUE pricing for all of our vehicles in inventory. We use "Real Time" internet pricing comparisons to constantly adjust our prices to ensure you get the best possible price for a comparable vehicle. We do not mark them up just to mark them down so you can feel like you "got a deal". If you happen to find a lower priced comparable vehicle within the DFW market (200 mile-radius) in similar condition, with similar mileage and vehicle history please feel free to bring it to our attention and we will beat that price. Yes we will even beat a private party price! We WILL NOT be undersold and will leave you NO EXCUSE not to buy our car! ALL of our vehicles are priced at “market value” prices. We understand that the consumer has numerous “options” in trying to determine the value of a vehicle: KBB, NADA, Carfax, Blackbook, Clear Book, Edmunds, etc. Car buyers tend to use the one that is most beneficial to them. We tend to use NADA as that is what most banks use in lending. We price our vehicles according to comparable vehicles for sale on the market within a 200-mile radius (private party or dealer). Before we buy a vehicle, we make sure we can sell that vehicle to be the cheapest, lowest mileage one in our market.

Sales Philosophy

We are a no pressure, 100% transparent dealership. We believe that if we offer a quality product, at the lowest price, that product should sell itself. We have no sales staff and make the buying process very simple. We do our best to offer the most stress free buying experience as possible. With the age of internet, most all of our customers already know what they are looking for prior to contacting us and do not have the time for the pressure of putting them in a vehicle that "best suits the dealer vs. the customer". We do not have the typical car lot set up which would allow you to look at every vehicle, we encourage you to do so in looking at our website prior to coming out.


For customers with a credit score over 620, we have numerous banks/credit unions that we deal with directly, that can assist in your financing and with no additional fees to you. We do not offer in house financing! If your credit score is below 620 more than likely we cannot help you. Our prices do not fluctuate nor are they inflated due to credit or financing needs. Most dealers are able to sell their vehicles for much higher prices because the “consumer” has poor credit and are forced to buy what they have. We will not compromise our “values” to take advantage of those with “bad” credit. We refuse to participate in the "Bad Credit" type of financing. The kind that charges "discount fees" or makes us raise the price of our vehicle to cover "acquisition fees" that the finance company will charge someone with credit challenges. If you are unsure of your credit score, www.creditkarma.com is a great site to use for finding out. As the commercial states, it is 100% free and we personally recommend them.


We accept trade ins and will buy your vehicle, even if you do not buy ours. We will give TOP DOLLAR for your low mileage vehicle – at least $500 over what CarMax appraises your vehicle for!!


We sell numerous vehicles sight unseen across the country. We have relationships with several transport companies and can assist you in shipping your vehicle any where needed at the lowest price possible. We generally save our customers hundreds of dollars vs. when they try arranging shipping themselves. For customers that would prefer to fly in and drive their vehicle back home, we do offer transportation from DFW or Love Field airports.


We offer a free 30 day “cost” warranty with EVERY vehicle we sell. Because we test drive EVERY vehicle 200 miles, and our ASE Certified staff does a 125+ point CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED inspection on EVERY vehicle, we are quite confident that the vehicle purchased from us will be problem free. Some dealers will offer a warranty, but it is an aftermarket warranty that is added to the price of the vehicle. For anyone interested in aftermarket extended warranties, we do offer these products at an additional cost.

Pre-Sale Inspection

Every vehicle in our inventory has been mechanically inspected by our ”on staff” ASE certified technicians! EVERY vehicle that we sell undergoes a 125+ point buyer’s inspection. They check the brakes, tires, belts, hoses, fluid leaks, power windows, check engine lights, emissions, etc. After the 125+ point inspection is completed, EVERY vehicle we sell is driven 200 miles or more to ensure that it will meet our standards and yours. You can feel confident that the vehicle you purchase from us is 100% ready to ride and drive. If by chance you find something that may concern you, feel free to let us know and we will fix it before you buy it! No corners are cut and EVERYTHING on EVERY vehicle will be working at the time it is listed for sale. If we would not buy the vehicle for ourselves, family or a friend; we would not sell it to you.

Because we are a 100% transparent dealership, our insurance company allows a 3-hour window for customers that would like their own pre-sale inspection done by an outside company of their choice and at their expense. Please make sure any arrangements are made prior to pick up of vehicle due to 3-hour window given by our insurance company.

Cosmetic Makeover

Every vehicle in our inventory also gets a complete “cosmetic” makeover to bring them to the standards of our loyal customers. We have professional “paint-less” dent repair (PDR) done to EVERY vehicle, along with custom airbrushing (touch-up), detailing, etc. Our cars are not only in top mechanical condition, but are also in the best possible cosmetic condition. Just another step we take to get you a “dealership” quality car at “Private Party” price. 


We do our best to ensure every vehicle we acquire and may have any open recalls are taken care of before the vehicles are listed for sale. You may visit www.safercar.gov and input the VIN to check the status of any vehicle you may be looking to purchase.

A little more about us…

We are a family owned company that takes great pride in providing our customers outstanding service in both our pre-owned vehicle sales as well as our ASE certified repair facility. Every vehicle in our inventory is “Hand Picked” by us! We rarely buy vehicles from “Wholesale Auctions”.

As a father and a former teacher, our “Niche” is selling/buying vehicles that are geared towards student drivers. Over 90% of our customers are to parents looking for a vehicle for their son/daughter. You will notice most of our inventory is “student related”; small SUV’s, or small compact cars with a young adult in mind. We understand the needs of parents looking to put their child in the safest, most reliable vehicle possible and at the best possible price. At the same time, having three teenagers and teaching for over 10 years, we know the desires of young adults and what they want as well. 

Most of our sales come from referrals. We take great pride and for that matter, responsibility, in making sure EVERY vehicle is safe and reliable. Due to this rare quality, in this industry, parents know that whatever vehicle they purchase from us will be the most reliable one for sale on the market!!!! By buying from us, they know that their child will be in a reliable vehicle that has been thoroughly inspected.

That being said, most of our customers are ones that have been looking for two weeks or longer. They are so frustrated with the buying process, all of the “junk” for sale and the “dishonesty” of the car buying process. They are tired of the illegal dealers (Curb stoners), the salvaged titles and quite frankly the idea of a vehicle being clean when it really is not! If we could only have our “customers” work with us for a day to show them how hard it really is finding the vehicles we have for sale. We are in a market, where industry experts say, is the “best used car market in history”. There is literally a shortage of quality used low mileage, one owner vehicles for sale right now.

Some common misconceptions that car buyers have

Many people are hesitant to buy from a “typical” Dealer. We tried to eliminate many concerns by doing the right thing, but we cannot eliminate all of them. Here are some common excuses we hear as to why they are looking to buy from a private party.

1.          I do not have to pay sales tax.
Not correct. The sales tax rate is the same whether you buy from a private party or from a dealer. It is 6.25% in the state of Texas. For those who think they can FRAUDULENTLY write down the incorrect amount they paid for the vehicle, the state has eliminated that as well. They use the VIN number to determine the price of the vehicle.


2.          A “Private Party” would ask what KBB says their vehicle is worth
Also, not correct. If an individual seller wants to sell their vehicle, they will go the major advertising sites and see what their vehicle is selling for. Remember, we Guarantee that we will have the cheapest comparable model for sale in a 200 mile radius. PERIOD!


3.          A “Private Party” knows the history of the vehicle
This may be true, but a private party is not going to make the vehicle cosmetically and mechanically perfect. They do not have the resources we have and “what do they care if the vehicle has issues”. They are selling it. We do care!!!!


4.          I can get a better deal from a “Private Party”
Can you? Will a “Private Party” warranty the vehicle? Will they do a 125+ point presale inspection? Will they GUARANTEE that the vehicle is not salvaged, or is lien free? Will they provide you with a vehicle history report on the vehicle? The deal you thought you were getting, now has turned into a nightmare! With all that being said, our customers are quality driven and not wallet driven. They see the value in the services we provide. Our “typical” customer has shopped for 2 weeks and knows and has seen first hand what is for sale. They appreciate we have the lowest mileage lowest priced one for sale. We make a point to have vehicles in our inventory that are “mileage” based.

Peace of mind – A part of the deal!

Since we are a licensed and bonded dealer you the customer benefits in many ways – here are a couple of examples of why buying from me is better than taking the risk of buying from a private seller who ultimately is just a perfect stranger.

1.          You are Guaranteed to get a vehicle that is NOT SALVAGED! We do not buy or sell salvaged titled vehicles. By law licensed bonded dealers MUST disclose three things to you:

                        i.            If the vehicle has a salvaged title.

                       ii.            The ACTUAL mileage.

                     iii.            If the vehicle was EVER a “lemon law” buyback.

2.          You get a “Dealership quality” vehicle at or below a private party price!
Every vehicle is priced at “Fair Market Value” – Based on what a private seller would ask. We do the same research you would do as a consumer. We go to the major advertisers who sell vehicles and price ours accordingly. ALMOST EVERY TIME our vehicles are priced cheaper than any COMPARABLE model for sale within a 200 mile radius. We price all of our vehicles based on “Fair Market Value”. This could mean that we have certain vehicles that are below “Book Value”, we may have some priced right at “Book Value” and we may have some priced over “Book Value”. “Fair Market Value” has everything to do with 4 things – “Price Range”, “Mileage”, “Condition” and how “Desirable” the make of the vehicle is. If a vehicle has 2 or more of these things, than more than likely it will be priced higher than “Book Value”. However, it is still what a private seller would be asking – if you could find one from a private seller.


3.          You are guaranteed to get a “Lien Free” and “clear” title.
No “Hidden” liens to worry about. You can be assured that your title will get transferred, you will get a 60 day “drive out” tag and you are guaranteed to have no hidden liens on the vehicle you have just purchased. When you go to look at a vehicle from a private seller you do not know what their financial situation is. What if they are selling a vehicle because they need money to pay bills? What if they are getting ready to lose there house to foreclosure? You have to keep in mind that people who are in a desperate situation may have judgments against them and have any property they own in which may have a “Lien” – Meaning the vehicle you just bought (that you thought you got a great deal on) may have a hidden lien on it and ”YOU” will now have to pay off the lien in order to get a clear title. What are you going to do? Sue them for what it cost you to get a clear title? People in this situation will just tell you to stand in line with all the other people they owe money to! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!


4.          There are no hidden fees.
Unlike most dealers, we do not advertise a vehicle for one price and then add fees to raise the price.


5.        We do not advertise a car at a price when it’s not available.
How many have experienced the tactic of large dealerships who price a vehicle at what seems to be a great deal, only to find out when you get there, it has been conveniently sold “10 minutes” ago. This is a very frequent “tactic” which dealers use to get you on their lot. If we advertise a vehicle, it is actually for sale at that price and we will tell you if it has been sold, if it has been.


 6.   A vehicle history report comes with each vehicle.

We, like you, do our homework before we buy a vehicle. ALMOST every vehicle we have in inventory has a clean vehicle history report. Now, that being said, “Carfax” and “Autocheck” are not perfect! They are very reliable for reporting mileage and salvage history. A common practice with “shady” curb stoners is getting a vehicle history report from another vehicle and placing it in their vehicle. We get calls all the time asking for VIN numbers so they can “run a vehicle history report”, but what are they really doing with it? Make sure you check the VIN number on the report with the one that is actually on the vehicle.