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Meet the Staff of Auto Paradise of Texas

Auto Paradise of Texas - Friendly Staff

817-688-9020 - autoparadisetx@yahoo.com

From the moment you step on our lot until the time you drive away in your next car, your buying experience with Auto Paradise of Texas is our number one priority. We encourage you to use the expertise and resources of our sales staff; they are here to help you find the right car at the right price. Call us today at 817-688-9020 to schedule your test drive!!

Shawn - General Manager

817-688-9020 - autoparadisetx@yahoo.com

I started this business in 2008. I was taking a sabbatical to finish my PhD in education. I needed to find a way to supplement my income while finishing my PhD. My brother, who owns Auto Paradise of Arizona, suggested I do this for a year until I went back to teaching. Well 10 years later, needless to say, I am still in the business and not using my PhD for teaching. I buy the cars and sell the cars. We have no sales staff. I am the one to talk to about any questions you may have! Because of my background in teaching and coaching we tend to buy vehicles that are geared towards students. I would say 80% of our customers are parents looking for their son/daughter or vehicles that are family orientated. I am very picky and some even say "anal" with the quality of my cars. I refuse to cut corners and most of all take great pride in the quality of our vehicles, along with the ease and transparency in which I do business. I come from Minnesota and have a mid-west  "old school" mentality that your word is your bond. My grandfather taught me that you can have all the money in the world but what you will be most remembered by is if you were a man of your word. He also taught me to be a "straight shooter" and tell it like it is.

Jennifer - "The Boss"

817-688-9020 - autoparadisetx@yahoo.com

Jennifer is the one who actually makes the "real" decisions". She does everything and is my wife. Without her, nothing would get done and paperwork would be lost forever. She keeps the business grounded and makes sure we are "compliant" with taxes, paperwork, licenses and processing deals. 

Rodolpho "Rudy" Rodriguez - "The Man"

817-688-9020 - autoparadisetx@yahoo.com

Rudy is my "right hand man". He does everything!!! Without him our cars would not be in the quality they are in. He is bilingual, which helps with our Spanish speaking customers. I respect this man immensely! Our number one rule is to keep Rudy happy. If there was ever an "irreplaceable" employee, he is it!

Yessica - Finance Specialist

214-298-0776 - yessica.peralta77@icloud.com

Yessica is just an amazing asset for us. Her ability to get almost "EVERYONE" approved is why she is with us. Yessica specializes in those customers with credit scores below 650 or challenged credit customers. Please understand Yessica is here to help you!!! If she can not get you approved no one can!

Allen - "Midget"

817-917-3682 - a_1autorepair@yahoo.com

Allen is an incredible mechanic. From diagnosis to repair he does it all. He has over 25 years experience in the automotive repair business. He is responsible for ensuring all of our cars have the 125 point inspection as well as making our vehicles worry free for our customers. Allen is who you will call and deal with for any service related questions!! If you ever meet him you will understand why I call him midget!!!

"Choko" - "The Magician"


If Fernando "Choko" can not get a car detailed NO ONE CAN!!! It is amazing what he can do to make a car look like new!!! Another member of our TEAM that is indispensable! He is the one who makes our cars look like new in and out!!! His attention to detail is second to none!!!

Our Babies - "Spoiled Rotten Dogs"


With all three kids out of the home, we have three other dependents. You may see them from time to time at our office. They love kids!!! I promise...If you bring them treats and pet them they will not bite!!! I do warn you.. If you open up the doors and invite them to go for a ride... roll down your windows and prepare for "slobber". They love going for rides!!!

Jake - "The Baby"


 Jake is a "BIG" baby. He thinks he is a lap dog and will do anything for attention! He is a MAMAS BOY!!! Do not mess with her baby!!!

Chloe Grace - "Mother Hen"


Chloe Grace is the "Mother Hen"! She protects everyone in our family!!! She is very standoffish, but when she warms up to you, you have a friend for life!!! Ask her to sit, shake and play dead and she loves it!!!

Max - "Daddy's Boy"


Max is definitely "Daddy's Boy". He is the oldest and is my best friend!!! He is such an amazing dog and is very friendly!!!