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About Auto Paradise of Texas

About Us

We are a family owned company that takes great pride in providing our customers outstanding service in both our pre-owned vehicle sales as well as our ASE certified repair facility. Every vehicle in our inventory is “Hand Picked” by us! We rarely buy vehicles from “Wholesale Auctions”.

As a father and a former teacher, our “Niche” is selling/buying vehicles that are geared towards student drivers. A large % of our customers are to parents looking for a vehicle for their son/daughter. We understand the needs of parents looking to put their child in the safest, most reliable vehicle possible and at the best possible price. 

Most of our sales come from referrals. We take great pride and for that matter, responsibility, in making sure EVERY vehicle is safe and reliable. Due to this rare quality, in this industry, parents know that whatever vehicle they purchase from us will be the most reliable one for sale on the market!!!! By buying from us, they know that their child will be in a reliable vehicle that has been thoroughly inspected.

That being said, most of our customers are ones that have been looking for two weeks or longer. They are so frustrated with the buying process, all of the “junk” for sale and the “dishonesty” of the car buying process. They are tired of the illegal dealers (Curb stoners), the salvaged titles and quite frankly the idea of a vehicle being clean when it really is not! If we could only have our “customers” work with us for a day to show them how hard it really is finding the vehicles we have for sale. We are in a market, where industry experts say, is the “best used car market in history”. There is literally a shortage of quality used low mileage, one owner vehicles for sale right now.


We work by APPOINTMENT ONLY!! This is done to keep our overhead and vehicle costs so affordable.

  • We are not your "Typical" dealership that is open bell-to-bell!

  • We store all our vehicles in a temperature controlled warehouse, and in most cases can show them within an hour's notice Monday thru Saturday and with a 24-hour notice on Sunday. We have a flexible schedule and will accommodate for your convenience.

  • Saturday and Sunday Hours are reserved for those who are paying cash/check or are pre-approved through their bank!!! I am sorry but we can not get credit approvals on Saturday or Sunday!

Sales Philosophy and Pricing

We are not your "traditional dealership" that over-inflates their prices thus opening up the door of negotiation and giving you the illusion of a "good deal"!

  • We have NO sales people; therefore, we believe our vehicles should sell themselves naturally without any pressure and hassle-free!

  • We guarantee to present you the lowest priced vehicle for a comparable vehicle within a 200 mile radius from us!

  • We will BEAT any advertised price on a comparable vehicle from a PRIVATE/THIRD PARTY OR DEALER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Year/Make/Model/Trim Package

    • Carfax/Autocheck Accident Histories

    • Owners

    • Condition

    • Drivetrain (4wd/AWD/Front Wheel Drive)

We understand there are lots of "books" out there for buying a vehicle, KBB, Carfax, Blackbook, Edmunds, ETC. We also understand you, a smart consumer, will naturally use the one that benefits you the most. We generally use NADA, as that's what the majority of banks lien on for auto loans. However, we don't manipulate our prices based on a book or bank's opinions that don't buy or sell cars for a living! Nor do we change them based on credit!

Be assured you'll be getting the "best deal and price" upfront, no strings or funny games attached.

Paying "Cash" is not a good thing! Most dealers will mark their vehicles up if you say you are paying cash. In this industry most of the money made by dealers comes from "backend money" Aftermarket warranties, Points off loans and GAP. Our prices are the same whether you pay cash or need financing! 


We offer a wide spectrum of credit unions and national lenders that we deal with and can recommend based upon your needs.

  • We encourage you to have your own financing but will make sure you are capitalizing on the lowest rates possible!

  • For "challenged credit" (below a 650 score) financing, we have other options available for you. Please understand it will be based on down payment, stability and "loan-to-value" percentage. 

PLEASE use www.creditkarma.com or install the APP to get a free monitor of your Equifax and Transunion credit scores every week! We personally use them and recommend them to all who care about their beacon! If you ask if we do "In House" financing we do not provide "Buy Here Pay Here"

Credit scores and what they mean

Below 600 we can not help you. We do not use subprime Lenders. They charge interest rates that I do not agree with and nobody should have to pay!!

600-640 we can work with. It can be tricky depending the vehicle you are buying.

640-690. fair credit and almost always get approved

690-720 good credit and 99% we can get you financed

730 and above excellent credit and with us it’s a matter of whether you to buy the car because you will be able to.

Make-Ready Process

  • Every vehicle gets a complete "cosmetic" makeover to bring them to both our loyal clients and to our standards!

  • Every vehicle goes through a complete detail process including "PDR" (paint-less dent repair), custom airbrush, ETC!


ALL of our vehicles come with a complimentary 30 day "bumper-to-bumper" COST warranty!!!!!! Since we test drive every vehicle at least 200 miles and do a rigorous 125 point ASE Certified Pre-sell inspection, we are quite confident your vehicles problems will be kept to a minimum! Most dealers will offer an aftermarket warranty like this but at an additional cost. We offer extended warranties as well if you're interested but at an additional cost!


We love trades and would love to make an offer even if you don't buy ours as that's how we fuel our inventory!

  • We will give top dollar for your low mileage vehicle and guarantee to beat your CarMax offer (or any other big comparable company) by $500!

  • ALL our vehicles are very clean, low mileage/owner count, so if yours is not we simply have to give you "auction value" to breakeven when we wholesale it.


A good portion of our vehicles are sold sight unseen and across the country. Thus, we have great relationships with shipping companies and can assist you in getting the lowest price possible.

  • We generally save hundreds of dollars on shipping than what you can!

  • We offer transportation from the DFW or Love Field airport for those who prefer to fly in and drive back home.

Some common misconceptions that car buyers have

Many people are hesitant to buy from a “typical” Dealer. We tried to eliminate many concerns by doing the right thing, but we cannot eliminate all of them. Here are some common excuses we hear as to why they are looking to buy from a private party.

1. I do not have to pay sales tax.
Not correct. The sales tax rate is the same whether you buy from a private party or from a dealer. It is 6.25% in the state of Texas. For those who think they can FRAUDULENTLY write down the incorrect amount they paid for the vehicle, the state has eliminated that as well. They use the VIN number to determine the price of the vehicle.

2. A “Private Party” would ask what KBB says their vehicle is worth
Also, not correct. If an individual seller wants to sell their vehicle, they will go the major advertising sites and see what their vehicle is selling for. Remember, we Guarantee that we will have the cheapest comparable model for sale in a 200 mile radius. PERIOD!

3. A “Private Party” knows the history of the vehicle
This may be true, but a private party is not going to make the vehicle cosmetically and mechanically perfect. They do not have the resources we have and “what do they care if the vehicle has issues”. They are selling it. We do care!!!!

4. I can get a better deal from a “Private Party”
Can you? Will a “Private Party” warranty the vehicle? Will they do a 125+ point presale inspection? Will they GUARANTEE that the vehicle is not salvaged, or is lien free? Will they provide you with a vehicle history report on the vehicle? The deal you thought you were getting now has turned into a nightmare! With all that being said, our customers are quality driven and not wallet driven. They see the value in the services we provide. Our “typical” customer has shopped for 2 weeks and knows and has seen firsthand what is for sale. They appreciate we have the lowest mileage lowest priced one for sale. We make a point to have vehicles in our inventory that are “mileage” based